Studio Lighting (Experimental)

Studio Lighting experimental

Duration: 2.5 hours

Price :  £55

Max Students: 6

2 Tutors

Studio Lighting (Experimental)
Studio Lighting is an inspirational new course with dynamic, experimental lighting techniques.
There are no rules – we can use ourselves as models or use items in the studio as subjects to illuminate and photograph.  We are particularly interested in capturing movement.
We will try out various experimental techniques to give you a feel for how lighting works in a studio and also ideas which you can develop later.
Course Content

  • Introduction to studio lights, soft box, umbrella
  • Orientation and safety with equipment
  • Lighting techniques
  • Lighting a variety of subjects including portrait and still life
  • Using reflectors to bounce and direct light
  • Capturing movement
  • Lighting effects with coloured gels

There will be a short tutor-led demonstration of the kinds of things you can do – then we are off into an experimental world of lights, shapes and colours for the rest of the session.
We can guide and give advice when you want particular effects but we hope that the course will generate ideas that you want to try out as well.   We have lights which we will arrange according to your directions.
Our lighting set-up includes flash and halogen studio lighting with stands, as well as colours using gels.
We have tripods available if required and a DSLR which can be shared if you don’t have your own camera – in this case please bring an SD card so that you can take your images home with you.
An understanding of photography basics is required to get the most out of this dynamic workshop.
No prior experience of studio lighting is necessary
Our lighting course takes place in our Greenwich Studio, nearest tube – DLR Deptford Bridge.
Thursday, 7.00 pm – 9.30 pm.

Studio Lighting (Experimental)

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