Lou Smith Photography Exhibition

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Now is your chance to see some photos by Photofaculty tutor Lou Smith this weekend at APT Open Studio Show. Lou is showing a selection of photos from her skateboarders series as well as some recent paintings.  There is also a high resolution slideshow of over 60 recent  photographs by Lou, including the stunning  flower series.  You will find Lou’s studio on the second floor. The photo shown below is part of the exhibition …

Where to buy Photographic Film in London ?

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We were asked this question over the phone last week, and we didn’t know the answer !  We have taught exclusively digital for such a long time we were  out of touch and Jessops are closed down except for one branch in London. So we decided it might be useful for those of you still using film who are passing by…

The Art of Street Photography

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A Unique Moment in Street Photography You pick up your camera and head off for the streets looking for the candid or personal moments of human expression which capture the time in which you live.  Street photography is an art form when it captures an absolute unique moment of time.   Although these moments exist it is often very difficult to identify what is truly unique and what is just like all the rest. When you first start out in street photography you find that you are taking hundreds of images of people you do not know, and every now and …

Photography on London’s South Bank

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London’s South Bank – Capturing the Vibe Summer is here and we head of to London’s South Bank.  The South Bank is renowned as the cultural capital of London.  The area around the South Bank, is host to the Royal Festival Hall, The South Bank Centre, Queen Elizabeth Hall, National Film Theatre, BFI and the Hayword Gallery – to name just a few of the amazing range of cultural activities.  Great place to photograph the vibrant jive of London’s South Bank. Vibrant Jive of London’s South Bank   Thousands of people flock to London’s South Bank every weekend.  Look at …

Photographing the Tour de France 2014 – a few tips

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On 7th July we have the  Stage 3 leg of the Tour de France in London (via Cambridgeshire and Essex) – a few tips on how to approach this difficult but exciting subject …. Best advice is to prepare well beforehand – there is a lot of tension involved – you need to think 3 times faster than usual –  if you can screw it up then you probably will! So take a lot of shots.