Photographing the Tour de France 2014 – a few tips

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On 7th July we have the  Stage 3 leg of the Tour de France in London (via Cambridgeshire and Essex) – a few tips on how to approach this difficult but exciting subject …. Best advice is to prepare well beforehand – there is a lot of tension involved – you need to think 3 times faster than usual –  if you can screw it up then you probably will! So take a lot of shots.

What is Your Favourite Shooting Mode?

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 We are always asked what is the best shooting mode to use on a DSLR.  For a change we thought we would ask you. If you are not sure which shooting mode you use – pick up your camera and look at the top dial. You might be an aperture priority person (A or AV).  Perhaps you are a shutter speed photographer who is always photographing moving subjects, (S or TV).  Maybe you like the creative presents, eg Landscape or Portrait. Maybe you are new to photography and your camera and are starting out in Auto or perhaps you just …

Sensor Cleaning

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Modern Cameras have sensor cleaning automatically (done by fast shaking).  However you can still get dirt on your sensor which wont shift with shaking and might require a moist clean. We use the kind of cleaner where you slide fabric  (called a swab) over the sensor using eclipse fluid. Although you can use a size smaller than the sensor and pull it across a few times it is recommended that you get one which fits your sensor width, so they come in 3 sizes. The problem is that it can be very difficult to work out which size is right …

Shooting Flowers against the light

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You have probable heard that you should always shoot with the light behind you but there are occasions where you might want the light source in front of you. One of them may be when you are taking pictures of flowers – here’s why …. It is can make an interesting photo to get the light showing through the flowers from behind since you get shadows reflected inside the flower from the sun shining through from the other side. Best to show an example – here are two shots of flowers in my favourite London park… In the first shot the …

Nikon D7000 mini review

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  I have had the D7000 for a while now – just a few thoughts here … All our previous DSLR cameras had been Canon. It’s true that once you buy into a brand and have some expensive lenses you tend to stick with that brand for camera upgrades because the lenses fit. So it was a bit of a break of tradition buying a Nikon as well – especially as it would be limited in lenses compared to the Canons we had. I bought the camera from WEX and we started with a problem – after such great expectations the pictures had …