1 to 1 Photography Tuition

1:1 photography tuition student

Learn Your Way with 1 to 1 Photography Tuition (or your own small group)

One to one tuition is a great way to learn photography as you learn at your own pace. One to one tuition is an empowering experience as you have the tutor’s full attention. The course is tailored to your knowledge, skill level and camera you own. PhotoFaculty offers one to one photography lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced skill levels.

Select one of our courses as a one to one workshop option. This indicates what you want to develop and learn. At the start of the course the tutor will assess your requirements and develop a personal plan to improve your photography and focus directly on what will make you a better photographer.

Please check out the courses you are interested in by clicking below.

PhotoFaculty Photography Courses include and are not limited to the following content, (which will vary according to your chosen course).

  • Introduction to photography
  • Buttons, dials and menus
  • Understanding exposure
  • Depth of field
  • Shutter speed for creative effect
  • Lenses and focal length
  • Understanding ISO and sensor sensitivity
  • Understanding and interpreting histograms
  • Advanced shooting/exposure modes – manual, aperture and shutter speed priority and program
  • Metering modes explained
  • Long exposures
  • File formats
  • Colour attributes
  • White balance and colour temperature
  • Fill-in flash
  • Exposure compensation
  • Auto focus modes
  • Manual focus techniques
  • Different drive modes
  • Filters
  • Introduction to composition
  • Advanced composition techniques
  • Light and how to use it effectively


One to one tuition is a great way to learn photography.  Check out our available dates and select the date which suits you to book.  Learn photography when it suits you perfectly.  We look forward to working with you soon.

Discounts for small groups – massive range of available dates.


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