Portrait Photography (Outdoor)

Portrait Photography

Starts Again May 2019

Private course minimum of 2 bookiing

Duration: 4.5 hours

Price :  £165

Max Students: 6

(For digital SLR or advanced compacts)


Outdoor Portraiture

This is a new and exciting short portrait photography workshop. We use natural light and outdoor backdrops in London. For DSLR or advanced compacts.

Course Content

  • Learn how to pose a model in different locations
  • Learn how to establish a rapport with the subject
  • Capture a variety of different poses, from head shot to full length
  • Use reflectors to create and direct light
  • Use aperture control creatively
  • Advanced use of white balance for correct colour
  • Use natural light to maximum effect
  • Use fill in flash effectively

This course explores portrait photography as a visually expressive medium, working in groups and using each other as models in outdoor London locations.

Sunday, Workshop duration – 10.30 am – 3.00 pm

Students should have already escaped Auto mode and be able to set Shutter and Aperture priority

Portrait Photography is suitable for individuals new to portraiture or those wishing to become a portrait photographer.

Note: this course need a minimum of two students (in total) to run.

Portrait Photography with Photofaculty

This was great to do outdoors - when it was too sunny we had diffusers to tone down the light which meant we had no harsh shadows. Because we photographed each other I have a lot of very good free photos of myself on Flickr streams - great course and very funny at times!
- lora barker