Advanced Compact Cameras – advice

Quick Compact Camera Guide

Our definition of advanced compact is one that has shutter and Aperture priority modes. If you are not sure, then this guide may help – if it doesn’t then please contact us for advice.

Compact cameras

point and shoot compact cameras are not suitable for the Digital Camera Workshop: typically if it is cheap (under £100 in UK) and doesn’t have mode dial it is probably a point and shoot.

Advanced compacts should have a mode dial that has letters P, S, A, M close to each other (Canon has P, Tv, Av, M), typically on top of the camera, as shown below:


advanced compact camera

suitable advanced compact






Bridge Cameras

These are all suitable and regarded as advanced compacts for these courses – this does not mean we advise you to get one over other advanced compacts. See our camera guide on our online learning zone if you are looking to choose a camera. You may find the mode settings in the menu if it does not have a dial on top.

Compact System Cameras (also known as interchangeable lens compacts).

These are all fine for all our courses.

If you are still in doubt please use the contact form stating your make and model of compact.