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“I thought I knew my camera until I attended the Digital Camera Workshop. I was stunned at the gaps in my knowledge and that I had been using my camera for years on Auto and Aperture and never quite getting the pictures right. It’s like owning a totally new camera. Thank you for an amazing time last Saturday.” Sophie Tomkins

“Creative Expression Workshop opened up a whole new way of seeing and looking at subjects. This workshop took me way out of my comfort zone and the results are incredible. Thank you for an informative and enjoyable course.” Katie Peters

“Fantastic! This course (Urban Edge) increased my confidence in using my camera and stopped my hesitancy in getting into the best position for the most candid and at times challenging shots. Amazing how the session is structured to guide us through the essential pieces of information.”Mark Williams, Street Photography Workshop

“Thank you, the course was really enjoyable and the tutor at times inspirational in her approach. My eyes have been opened for, what feels like, the first time in my life. A great course and I am glad I booked.” Katia Wassner, Creative Expression

“This photography course has given me the framework from which I can improve my photography. I discovered parts of my camera I never knew about! Thank you Amber, for helping to choose the right course for me.” Ceri Davies, Digital Camera Workshop

“The Digital Camera Workshop was a great experience which I enjoyed immensely. The group size was small which was great as we all asked the tutor lots of questions. I learned loads and stopped using Auto. I use manual settings all the time now. The online courses notes are excellent and I can refer back to them whenever I want. Thank you for a very enjoyable and informative photography class.” Mike Cooper

“Thank you so much for a wonderful course today. I’d definitely like to take the Creative Expression and Urban Edge Street Photography courses once I’ve absorbed what I learned from the Digital Camera Workshop.” Andrew Saunders

“I really enjoyed the Beginners Photography Course. I found buttons I’ve never even used. Given me a good understanding of my camera and it’s functionality. I look forward to doing more courses now! Richard Armstrong.

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