What is Your Favourite Shooting Mode?

lou smith camera

Digital Camera Shooting Mode Dial

Shooting Mode Dial 5D Mark II

 We are always asked what is the best shooting mode to use on a DSLR.  For a change we thought we would ask you.

If you are not sure which shooting mode you use – pick up your camera and look at the top dial.

You might be an aperture priority person (A or AV).  Perhaps you are a shutter speed photographer who is always photographing moving subjects, (S or TV).  Maybe you like the creative presents, eg Landscape or Portrait.

Maybe you are new to photography and your camera and are starting out in Auto or perhaps you just cut to the chase and shoot in full manual mode, (M).

Hey you still want our answer to this question!  We use shutter priority or full manual mode.  Just depends upon the light and the scene.

Add a comment and let us know which is your favourite shooting mode.


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