Digital Camera Modes Explained

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 Quick Guide to Understanding Digital Camera Modes One of the questions we are frequently asked during our photography courses is “What are the different digital camera modes?” We decided to put together a short guide to help you understand the shooting modes on your digital camera. Shooting modes are usually located on the top dial on your camera.  An understanding of shooting modes is central to controlling exposure in digital photography.  When you select a shooting mode you are deciding how to control exposure and how this choice may impact on how your photographs look Automatic Modes Automatic Every beginner knows …

lou smithDigital Camera Modes Explained

What is Your Favourite Shooting Mode?

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 We are always asked what is the best shooting mode to use on a DSLR.  For a change we thought we would ask you. If you are not sure which shooting mode you use – pick up your camera and look at the top dial. You might be an aperture priority person (A or AV).  Perhaps you are a shutter speed photographer who is always photographing moving subjects, (S or TV).  Maybe you like the creative presents, eg Landscape or Portrait. Maybe you are new to photography and your camera and are starting out in Auto or perhaps you just …

lou smithWhat is Your Favourite Shooting Mode?