How to Add a Creative Light Leak Effect in Adobe Lightroom

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“Light Leaks” is the name we give to this popular kind of “accident”, which happens when there is a gap or hole between the lens and the camera body, so light can get in, meaning that the sensor is forced to process unintended light. Why do I label it as an “accident”? Because despite being indeed an undesired effect, many photographers tend to use this technique as another creative resource within their compositions. Today we’re going to show you how to create a light leak effect with the help of presets for Adobe Lightroom. Consider the image as already processed …

r7389drHow to Add a Creative Light Leak Effect in Adobe Lightroom

Get it Straight

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One thing that can bother you about photos is where the upright or horizontal lines are slightly (or more) out. For instance buildings can make the whole photo look out of true, and horizon lines in landscapes or seascapes can look even worse. Here are a few tips on how to make your photos straighter. Here is a photo that is slightly out of true (ahem – done just as an example) the building is slightly out of the vertical. A few points: First it may not bother you. Second in many photos where you may have a lot of …

ron smithGet it Straight

Flowing Water Examples – Long Exposures

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Here are a couple of example photos of flowing water in a stream taken at 2 different speeds to show the varying effects you can get. A tripod is preferred for slow shots like these but just experiment if you dont have one. Note that the photos look very similar in layout so it can look as if the blurred one might have been done in software from the first photo. No, they were two separate photos. They have the same position because I used a tripod and wanted to have the same view for comparison. The fact that the …

ron smithFlowing Water Examples – Long Exposures

Focus Tips for Great Flower Photography

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Which Focus Selection is Best for Flower Photography? – here are a few focus tips Summer is great for photographing flowers.  Colour just pops out at you everywhere – in the garden or local parks.  This is the season to be photographing flowers and this summer the weather has been warm, dry and sunny.  What a great way to spend a few hours in warm sunshine and heady summer scents. I usually take a 100 mm macro prime lens when I photograph flowers.  This lens is pin sharp in its details and if you take a tripod too, you can …

lou smithFocus Tips for Great Flower Photography

Digital Camera Modes Explained

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 Quick Guide to Understanding Digital Camera Modes One of the questions we are frequently asked during our photography courses is “What are the different digital camera modes?” We decided to put together a short guide to help you understand the shooting modes on your digital camera. Shooting modes are usually located on the top dial on your camera.  An understanding of shooting modes is central to controlling exposure in digital photography.  When you select a shooting mode you are deciding how to control exposure and how this choice may impact on how your photographs look Automatic Modes Automatic Every beginner knows …

lou smithDigital Camera Modes Explained