Photofaculty – a few changes

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Note: We are now running our outside photography courses again. We are double vaccinated and all customers should still wear a face-mask. All our courses are now private for yourself or your own small group. We are still offering our online courses as before. Welcome back!

coronavirus – online photography courses

ron smith photography courses

We have now made all our photography courses online via interactive real-time video link. We need to see your camera for most courses (and, of course, speak to you), so you need to check that your web cam is working OK. The video-link works with Windows 7, 10, Linux platforms like Ubuntu, pads, and smartphones. You will get the best experience using a desktop computer, or a notebook, or a pad in that order. We have found that Windows on notebooks can lose the webcam, so please check it is working before booking. Note that, as usual, the courses are …

World Press Photo Awards

ron smith photography courses

Check out this if you want to see what the best photographers with the best equipment can do.  The word ‘pro’ is bandied about pretty loosely in photography but these photographers are tight! Personally I would find most of this stuff hard to take a photograph of on moral grounds – could you take photos of such suffering and death? But for the people who do have the stomach to do it – they are bringing back messages and stories for all of us to look at and feel about. I note that the trend of enhancement with software applies …

Get it Straight

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One thing that can bother you about photos is where the upright or horizontal lines are slightly (or more) out. For instance buildings can make the whole photo look out of true, and horizon lines in landscapes or seascapes can look even worse. Here are a few tips on how to make your photos straighter. Here is a photo that is slightly out of true (ahem – done just as an example) the building is slightly out of the vertical. A few points: First it may not bother you. Second in many photos where you may have a lot of …

Flowing Water Examples – Long Exposures

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Here are a couple of example photos of flowing water in a stream taken at 2 different speeds to show the varying effects you can get. A tripod is preferred for slow shots like these but just experiment if you dont have one. Note that the photos look very similar in layout so it can look as if the blurred one might have been done in software from the first photo. No, they were two separate photos. They have the same position because I used a tripod and wanted to have the same view for comparison. The fact that the …