How to Add a Creative Light Leak Effect in Adobe Lightroom

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“Light Leaks” is the name we give to this popular kind of “accident”, which happens when there is a gap or hole between the lens and the camera body, so light can get in, meaning that the sensor is forced to process unintended light. Why do I label it as an “accident”? Because despite being indeed an undesired effect, many photographers tend to use this technique as another creative resource within their compositions. Today we’re going to show you how to create a light leak effect with the help of presets for Adobe Lightroom. Consider the image as already processed …

Aperture to Lightroom import – new update

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Previously, Aperture users  were left without support by Apple when it was decided to not carry on the development of Aperture: Adobe were promising to develop an import filter into Lightroom. Firstly, Adobe developed a free plugin to do the import – this was only for Mac users. Now we have an update to Lightroom 5.7 which makes it able to import images out of Apple Aperture and Iphoto libraries into Lightroom 5.7.  If you have Lightroom 5.6 you will still have to use the older plugin.  

Apple Aperture to Adobe Lightroom Migration

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We had a request about our Lightroom course from an apple aperture user left high and dry by Aperture no longer being supported. Having done a bit of research it seems a good idea to let you all know our conclusions since this will be a common problem for photographers. Apple announced it was not going to update aperture software in favour of a new cloud based offering due to commence next year. (so much for rewarding loyalty – the last update was November 2013).