Night Street Photography

Night Photography in London

Duration: 4 hours

Price :  £90

Max Students: 6 – no tripod needed

(For digital SLR or advanced compacts)


This intensive outdoor workshop in London will give you the working knowledge needed to understand how your camera functions using the semi-automatic modes, P, Shutter and Aperture Priority. This is an in-depth short photography course geared towards gaining manual control over your camera. Gain mastery over your digital camera and immediately start to take better photos.

Beginners Photography Course Content

Using Exposure compensation to control image brightness/darkness.
ISO settings, the advantages and disadvantages
Understand the basics of using speed settings for varied effect
Adjusting Aperture for depth of field
Learn how to use White Balance to get accurate colour.
Understanding Histograms
Using Fill in Flash
Practical photography assignments
And Much More … ….

  • This photography course is taken outdoors in well chosen Central London locations. Both Scheduled and Private photography workshops are available .
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Online notes  are provided free once this workshop has been completed.

If you are still unsure if your compact is suitable please contact us. Compact System, and Bridge cameras are fine.