Where to buy Photographic Film in London ?

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We were asked this question over the phone last week, and we didn’t know the answer !  We have taught exclusively digital for such a long time we were  out of touch and Jessops are closed down except for one branch in London.

So we decided it might be useful for those of you still using film who are passing by…

Jessops London – sell a good range – one shop left in London

129 -131 Oxford Street



Calumet Photo – apparently stored in fridges too.

175 Wardour Street
London W1F 8WU

020 7434 1848


London Camera Exchange

98 Strand

020 7379 0200

Fuji colour neg 35mm and 120
Kodak Portra 120
Fuji Slide 35mm & 120
B/W 120 and 35mm Ilford


Boots the Chemist Photography section

You can find film in the larger branches

Typically a choice of ISO (400 or 200) Fujifilm and Kodak

Black and white film may also be available.

  • 120 Tottenham court Road
  • 385-389 Oxford Street
  • Picaddilly Circus