lost or stolen camera – what to do.

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You may have seen in the news that a Canon 5DMk3 was sold at auction last week by Transport for London Lost Property. The camera was left on the tube and not reclaimed: it fetched £2,301 including the lens. The present discounted retail price new (assuming the camera in the photograph below shown in the news is the actual one sold) would be £3799. There are a few lessons to be learned here should you part company with your expensive camera. First don’t assume it has been stolen unless you are sure, and also, don’t assume nobody will hand it …

ron smithlost or stolen camera – what to do.

Another Nikon Zoom Lens Returned

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I recently bought a Nikon zoom lens from Wex -Nikon 16-85mm f3.5-5.6G VR ED AF-S DX since I wanted to do some landscapes. It has excellent reviews, but, Bad News – it had to go back. The wide end of the lens was blurred then very soft up to about 50mm then very sharp from 55mm to 85mm. Basically it was our opinion (2 experienced photographers) that the lens was faulty so we sent it back stating the fault. Unfortunately we did not get a refund on the return postage, or any explanation, because Wex decided it was just a …

ron smithAnother Nikon Zoom Lens Returned

Filter Holders and Vignetting

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Getting ready for a two week photo-shoot in Devon I was putting some of the equipment together and found the ND graduated filters and holder which has been there for a while. Checking out reviews of these square filters you find that there are divergent opinions on the subject of vignetting at wide focal lengths (say 18mm) so here are a few thoughts having tried and got some strange results. First, the filters are fine plastic or glass (if you have the money). We have tried out Cokin and Hitech standard (not the pro versions). We found that Cokin made …

ron smithFilter Holders and Vignetting

Camera Batteries on our Workshops

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When you book a workshop with us we remind you to come with full batteries – here is the low-down why this is so important, since batteries running out during a workshop can be very embarrassing for you. Our outdoor courses are entirely practical so your camera is being used all the time for 4 hours. This means  it will  be switched on and you will be going torough the menus and other settings intensely in a way that you probably have never used it before. Consequently the drain on camera batteries in our courses is far more than you …

ron smithCamera Batteries on our Workshops

Where to buy Photographic Film in London ?

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We were asked this question over the phone last week, and we didn’t know the answer !  We have taught exclusively digital for such a long time we were  out of touch and Jessops are closed down except for one branch in London. So we decided it might be useful for those of you still using film who are passing by…

ron smithWhere to buy Photographic Film in London ?