In Conversation with William Klein

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 William Klein, Photographer, Film Maker and Painter

An interesting short video, which accompanied Klein’s London exhibition at the Tate Gallery.  Always interesting to look back and listen to a great Master in Conversation.

William Klein is an extraordinary individual, his creative practice encompasses Film Making, Photography and Painting.  Klein originally trained as a painter under Fernand Leger and found early success with his work.  He soon moved on to photography and had an extremely successful career as a fashion photographer with Vogue.  Iconic imagery is what Klein creates, whether he is on the street photographing as he sees it or photographing fashion models with an ironic approach.  Klein’s photography explores new ideas and concepts of image making.  Wide angle lenses, fast film, grainy images, motion blur and an intense sensation of the photographer in the scene.  Klein’s background as a painter is instrumental in how he perceives space.

William Klein has had a massive influence on today’s Street photographers – uncompromising on approach and inventive in his pursuit of imagery.

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