Photography on London’s South Bank

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London’s South Bank – Capturing the Vibe

Summer is here and we head of to London’s South Bank.  The South Bank is renowned as the cultural capital of London.  The area around the South Bank, is host to the Royal Festival Hall, The South Bank Centre, Queen Elizabeth Hall, National Film Theatre, BFI and the Hayword Gallery – to name just a few of the amazing range of cultural activities.  Great place to photograph the vibrant jive of London’s South Bank.

Vibrant Jive of London’s South Bank


London's South Bank

Bustling market stalls on London’s South Bank

Thousands of people flock to London’s South Bank every weekend.  Look at our photograph and imagine the photographic possibilities here.  There is something for every photographer; scenic photography, street photography, street portraiture, people, places and events.  Wow – let’s go!   This photograph was shot on an Olympus Pen compact system camera with a 70 – 200 mm lens.  The focal length in this shot is 80mm.  Shooting data, f10, shutter speed 1/320 and ISO 400.   We choose an angle where we could get an over view of the scene to highlight the bustle, colour, smokey, hazy view and the milling around at the food stalls.

Appearing Rooms on London’s South Bank

When it’s hot, hot, hot – the best place to stay cool is at the water feature.  The Appearing Rooms on London’s South Bank is famous for its fun filled cooling challenge.  You can experiment with different shutter speeds here, either slow or fast to achieve the look you want in your photography.

We love the South Bank for its endless photographic possibilities.  Join us next time on our Photographing  The South Bank for a great day of photography on London’s South Bank.