Lou Smith Photography Exhibition

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Now is your chance to see some photos by Photofaculty tutor Lou Smith this weekend at APT Open Studio Show. Lou is showing a selection of photos from her skateboarders series as well as some recent paintings.  There is also a high resolution slideshow of over 60 recent  photographs by Lou, including the stunning  flower series.  You will find Lou’s studio on the second floor. The photo shown below is part of the exhibition …

ron smithLou Smith Photography Exhibition

Shooting Flowers against the light

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You have probable heard that you should always shoot with the light behind you but there are occasions where you might want the light source in front of you. One of them may be when you are taking pictures of flowers – here’s why …. It is can make an interesting photo to get the light showing through the flowers from behind since you get shadows reflected inside the flower from the sun shining through from the other side. Best to show an example – here are two shots of flowers in my favourite London park… In the first shot the …

adminShooting Flowers against the light