Apple Aperture to Adobe Lightroom Migration

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We had a request about our Lightroom course from an apple aperture user left high and dry by Aperture no longer being supported. Having done a bit of research it seems a good idea to let you all know our conclusions since this will be a common problem for photographers. Apple announced it was not going to update aperture software in favour of a new cloud based offering due to commence next year. (so much for rewarding loyalty – the last update was November 2013).

Photography on London’s South Bank

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London’s South Bank – Capturing the Vibe Summer is here and we head of to London’s South Bank.  The South Bank is renowned as the cultural capital of London.  The area around the South Bank, is host to the Royal Festival Hall, The South Bank Centre, Queen Elizabeth Hall, National Film Theatre, BFI and the Hayword Gallery – to name just a few of the amazing range of cultural activities.  Great place to photograph the vibrant jive of London’s South Bank. Vibrant Jive of London’s South Bank   Thousands of people flock to London’s South Bank every weekend.  Look at …

Digital Camera Modes Explained

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 Quick Guide to Understanding Digital Camera Modes One of the questions we are frequently asked during our photography courses is “What are the different digital camera modes?” We decided to put together a short guide to help you understand the shooting modes on your digital camera. Shooting modes are usually located on the top dial on your camera.  An understanding of shooting modes is central to controlling exposure in digital photography.  When you select a shooting mode you are deciding how to control exposure and how this choice may impact on how your photographs look Automatic Modes Automatic Every beginner knows …

Portrait Photography – winning ways for stunning portraits

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Portrait Photography using Natural Light Our outdoor Portrait Photography Workshop uses natural light to illuminate the subject.  This creates stunning, natural outdoor portraiture.  We use reflectors to direct and control light.  Our favourite reflector is the sunfire reflector.  This casts a soft glow which warms skin tone.  Great for those cooler winter months when light takes on a cool bluish tinge. This shot of Katie is stunning, simple in its approach using a painted black wall as a backdrop in a Central London street.  A gentle breeze is blowing and this is incorporated into the photograph.  We pose Katie so …

Photographing the Tour de France 2014 – a few tips

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On 7th July we have the  Stage 3 leg of the Tour de France in London (via Cambridgeshire and Essex) – a few tips on how to approach this difficult but exciting subject …. Best advice is to prepare well beforehand – there is a lot of tension involved – you need to think 3 times faster than usual –  if you can screw it up then you probably will! So take a lot of shots.